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What every member should know about posting on our Forum. It is important that all members ensure that she or he reads, understands and follows these guidelines. That way, we keep the Forum a stimulating and safe place to be.


Join in, have fun and make friends!

Members are positively encouraged to 'jump in' on existing conversations and to start new ones in the Forum. Don't worry about who a message is addressed to; it really is the more the merrier. You may also find the information you were looking for by browsing old posts. You can also choose whether or not you want to receive email notifications of new comments when you post a comment to a thread.

Ask for help if you're not sure about something

If in doubt, ask. It's more useful for everyone if such queries are posted in the Forums. Chances are someone else probably wants to know the same thing, but you are welcome to email us for assistance as well.

Make suggestions

If you don't ask, you don't get. If you have issues or suggestions, please contact us at

Be polite

There is always a real person behind every post! Please remember the golden rule: to treat other Forum users the way you would like to be treated. Please use common courtesy and enjoy sharing and using our Forums.

Stick to the subject of the respective topic

Minor tangents are okay. If you have a new question or topic, start a new topic.


The WICE Forum is accessible by WICE members only but there are over 400 of us! Please remember that while we have done our best technically to make the Forums as private as possible, as with all closed web sites, we cannot guarantee absolute privacy. Members should bear this in mind when it comes to posting particularly sensitive material on the Forums. We also ask that members themselves adopt the privacy attitude on the Forums by not sharing personal information about others and not sharing their login details with non-members.

Remember also that the Forums are not intended as a vehicle for members to promote their own businesses.


Post material likely to offend

Please remember that we welcome members of all ages, and backgrounds to the Forums. Posts (or Member Profiles) containing offensive material or links to such material will be removed or edited. Depending on the circumstances/severity of the incident, the poster will be warned, temporarily banned from posting, or immediately locked out of the Forums. Please do 'think before you speak'. (Please contact if you see an example of an offensive post.

Infringe copyright policy

All articles should be posted by link, not cut and pasted into a thread.

Link to images on another website

This causes longer loading times for our members and we have no control over what image other websites post. You may choose an image that is perfectly acceptable and later the owner can change that image, use the same image name, and the alternate image will appear on our website. We will remove any links to images on other websites.

Don't share information contained in Forum posts outside the WICE community

Remember that the WICE Forums are private. It is against the spirit of our Forums to discuss members' posts and in particular, it is not permitted to copy and paste information, comments or opinions contained in members' posts into correspondence with non-WICE members, or to provide member contact details to a non-WICE member, without first obtaining permission from the member whose words are being quoted.


While healthy discussion, and indeed debate, is the backbone of a forum, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, if we all thought the same, life would be very boring ;-) . So please do show consideration for others. (Please contact if you see a violation of this.)

Don't post topics in all caps

This is akin to shouting.

Don't share your account

Your WICE account is personal and cannot be shared, even with family members. Joint memberships are available for partners of existing WICE members, if your partner wishes to join as well and participate in the website.

Don't make subjective comments about professionals

When discussing professionals in our Forums (instructors, volunteers, employees, or any other individual that provides services) members may exchange factual information such as names and courses provided but personal opinions (especially negative opinions) should be limited to offline conversations (via PM, email, in person...). Moderators will delete any blatantly unfair, inflammatory or defamatory comments about any professional.

Your Rights

Members have the right to access, rectify or ask for the deletion of any data appearing on the site and regarding them, including their postings in the Forums. In addition, if for some reason you decide to terminate your membership at any point, you may opt to have some/all your previous posts deleted from the Forums. Our moderators can help you with this.

Our Duty

WICE takes very seriously any behavior inconsistent with the ethos of our Forum generally, and any reported breaches of the above rules in particular. In these instances our moderators are the first port of call; they in turn escalate more serious incidents to the WICE Executive Committee. Members also have the option to raise a formal complaint, with such complaints dealt with according to the WICE Policy. The Executive Committee assesses each incident on an individual basis and reserves the right to respond as it sees fit, according to the severity of the breach. More serious breaches may result in the issue of a warning(s), temporary removal of access to the website, and in extreme cases, membership cancellation.

Our Obligations

In order to comply with the obligations of the LCEN (law re confidence in the digital economy), WICE moderators will report any content that promotes crimes against humanity. WICE stands against the justification of crimes against humanity, racism, sexism, child pornography and attacks on human dignity by: (1) strictly forbidding any such content on the Forums (which will be removed immediately if it appears), (2) promptly responding to any notification by any member that such content has been posted, and (3) immediately notifying the relevant authorities. In order to notify WICE of any such content, send an email to

Please Note

Posts that criticize others personally, rather than their views will be removed. Posts that ridicule, mock, or otherwise criticize an author or their work in a manner that the moderators team deems inappropriate will be removed. Posts that contain profanities will be amended or removed. Posts placed by commercial organisations offering products or services for sale will be removed. Posts that solicit marketing information from members (e.g. as data input to their job or company) will be removed (solicitation of information for non-commercial research purposes is, however, permitted). Posts by people impersonating others will be removed when detected. We reserve the right to amend any post containing personal attacks, abuse or excessive profanities without prior notice. We reserve the right to ban any registrant without prior notice if we feel it is in the best interests of the Forums to do so. We reserve the right to remove posts that would be better sent as private messages to other members. This includes direct queries to WICE officers.

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