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“Every person can make a difference, and every person should try.”

– John F. Kennedy

Are you a strategic thinker with leadership experience who empowers others through collaboration and cooperation? Join the Board of WICE (Where Internationals Connect in English), one of Paris’ oldest anglophone organizations. WICE is currently accepting applications for Treasurer and President of the Board to lead the organization in its strategic planning to ensure WICE remains mission-centered and outcome-oriented for its next 40 years. For more information or to apply please email leadership@wice-paris.org.


The role of WICE Board President requires a person with passionate leadership skills to serve as the Chief Elected Officer of WICE. As the leader of the Board of an entirely volunteer-run organization, this role is vital to ensure proper oversight and enable the organization to make consistent progress toward its mission.

This position should be filled by a qualified and passionate individual who is approachable and an objective listener. This is a position for a strategic thinker who can quickly become knowledgeable about the organization.

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The WICE Board Treasurer deals with the organization’s finances and makes important decisions regarding spending and investing.

This role is best held by someone who already has experience in bookkeeping or accounting and is familiar with French accounting procedures, banking arrangements and other related matters, because they will be responsible for producing financial statements and handling the organization’s funds.

This is an engaging position, with a lot of responsibility, and opportunity to initiate change.

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Jill Bourdais is a long-time member of the WICE Board and has served as a volunteer in many capacities.  She was President from 2007-2009 and has also been a Program Director and Vice President. Currently Jill oversees the Cultural Studies Program, and is the WICE Ombudsman. She also coordinates WICE Lite, a series of early-evening and online talks.  Long active in the English-speaking community of Paris where Jill has lived for many years, she has served on the boards of other local Anglophone organizations. She began her career in the world of journalism, researching and editing for both French and American magazines.  After obtaining advanced degrees in clinical psychology, she started a psychotherapy practice and is still active in that field, seeing clients and organizing workshops and forums.


Kathleen Churchill - VICE PRESIDENT (Interim) & MARKETING DIRECTOR

Kathleen Churchill joined WICE after moving from New England to Paris in 2019. She attended classes, volunteered as a Guided Discussion facilitator, and became editor of the WICE Direct newsletter. In her editing career she has worked on white papers for NGOs addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and edited art and travel publications for government and non-profit organizations including the Fondation Louis Vuitton. In addition to WICE, Kathleen is an active member of PEN America, AWP – Association of Writers & Writing Programs, and the Association of American Women in Europe. When she’s not editing or volunteering, she is writing. Her studies have taken her from fiction, poetry, and journalism at Harvard University’s Extension School, to Russian literature at Smith College, and Irish literature at Trinity College, Dublin. Recently, she received her English language teaching certification from Cambridge University. Her award-winning essays have appeared in many magazines, anthologies, and been nominated for The Best American Essays and a 2020 Pushcart Prize.


Monique Amaudry-Jordan SPECIAL PROJECTS

Monique Amaudry-Jordan joined WICE in 2008.  She was elected President in 2009 and chaired the WICE Board and Executive Committee from 2009 – 2011.  A graduate of London Business School, Monique enjoyed a long career in journalism and corporate communications with international organizations in New York, Washington D.C., London and Paris and taught public relations at the American University of Paris.  She earned a diploma in literary translation from the University of London. Monique continues to serve on the WICE board to help WICE capitalize on its core mission in culture and continuing education and strengthen WICE’s image and reputation as a leading nonprofit association serving the international community in Paris.



Ann moved to Paris in 2000, has been a long-time member of WICE and currently serves as Volunteer Director. She studied English Literature and Swedish and worked as a translator in Stockholm, where she also hosted a morning radio program. She then took the role of Program Manager, responsible for the English language offerings at M2S, the pioneering and largest European e-learning company at the time. After moving to Paris, she co-founded an e-learning company that supported international corporations in their Change Management initiatives. Ann then turned her focus on Leadership Development programs and created the flagship Woman's Development Program for a large, international tech company, which was designed to close the gender gap at senior management levels. Ann has previously volunteered at Vision du Monde (World Vision), the Sivananda Yoga Center in Paris, and the Association of American Women in Europe (AAWE).



Roberta is originally from NYC and has lived in Paris since 1980 where she has worked in publishing and academia, including at The American University of Paris (AUP) where she served as Director of Adult Education and Director of Communications.  She first got to know WICE in the late 1980s when she helped coordinate the then TEFL Certificate Program partnership between AUP and WICE.  Roberta has participated in several poetry workshops at WICE, and is currently co-editing the WICE literary journal, Upstairs at Duroc, with Barbara Beck.  She is also involved with the Alumni project at WICE, gathering profiles from former members of the WICE community.  Roberta's poetry has been published in various literary journals in Paris, and in 2002 she was a co-editor of the first edition of the poetry anthology, Van Gogh’s Ear.



Alexandra Wong joined WICE in 2021 as Language Programs Co-Director and member of the Board. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in a multicultural, multilingual, and international household, Alexandra moved to France over a decade ago after obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Classical Archaeology in the US. Trilingual (French, German, and English), she holds a double Franco German Masters in International Business Management and International Economic Relations. Alexandra worked for many years in the supermarket industry and has acquired extensive corporate and executive experience in procurement, project management, and corporate governance.



Julie Charvet volunteered at WICE in 2020 as graphic designer in the Marketing team, before joining the Board in 2021 and taking the direction of Visual Arts Department. French freelance graphic designer based in Paris, she has been designing printed supports for children books publishers, companies, and city halls for more than 10 years. Before that she created her own fashion brand for babies: she designed and traded textile accessories made in France with original patterns and colorful fabrics. Even before she had worked as Art Director for magazines dedicated to video gaming.


Manuela Preoteasa - VOLUNTEER DIRECTOR

Manuela Preoteasa joined WICE in 2021 as volunteer and since 2022 she is the Volunteer Director and member of the Board. She is born and raised in the Romania and before moving to France in 2020, she lived and worked 4 years in sunny Greece. She holds a bachelor degree in International Economic Relations and worked for many years in the corporate environment and has acquired extensive experience in Human Resources.



Dania joined WICE in 2019, just 2 months after she moved from Saudi Arabia (where she lived for 16 years) to France. She’s a Franco-Lebanese that holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies-Computer major from the Lebanese American University. She took advanced levels in English and obtained Certificates of both Competency and Proficiency in English from the University of Michigan. She then worked for Dar Al-Handasah Consultants Beirut branch as a Graphic Designer for 8 years. She was a Greenpeace volunteer for several years, 25 years ago. Started out as a volunteer in WICE that organized apéros and picnics and now she hosts and attends sessions on zoom as well. In 2021 she joined the board of directors.

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