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Message from the WICE Gallery Director

WICE Gallery: 40th Anniversary Event


Invitation to Participate

As part of WICE’s Year-Long 40th Anniversary celebrations the WICE Gallery will be hosting a special art exhibit entitled: “Yesterday - Today”.

WICE member artists – including photographers, painters, writers, sculptors and others – are invited to participate in an exhibit celebrating how Paris has changed over the last 40 years.

The first 15 artists to email expressing an interest to participate in this exhibition will be sent a photo of Paris or Parisian life from 40 years ago (late 1970’s or early 1980’s).  Your assignment will be to interpret this photo in the context of Paris today.  Please note the use of the word “interpret”.  This assignment is NOT asking you to go out and simply replicate the same photo 40 years later.  Instead, we’d like you to reflect on the “spirit” of the photo and interpret it as you feel it applies to life in Paris today. Writers are encouraged to participate in this exhibit as well – poems, haiku, short anecdotes, and interpretive pieces are all welcome.

The final gallery exhibit will include both the older photos, along with their present day artistic interpretations.  Gallery visitors will have a chance to try and match up the two – with a chance to win a prize!

If you are interested in participating in this creative art assignment please email me, Tracey Bennewies, or the WICE Gallery. You will then be sent your photo and specific exhibition guidelines.

We’re really looking forward to having some fun with this exhibit so let’s put our creative hats on and see what we can do.

Tracey Bennewies, WICE Gallery Director

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Updated on: 26 Apr 2016

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