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Bilingual Book Group

About this course

Looking for a good read and stimulating discussion? Join WICE's monthly Bilingual Book Group and exchange perspectives in an informal and friendly environment.

Books are chosen by members and the selection reflects their broad tastes and origins. We select books published in French and English and participants are encouraged to contribute in whichever language is more comfortable to them.

The Bilingual Book Group is free for WICE Members, so why not become a WICE Member now?

Registration required; seats are limited.

If you would like more information or if you have questions, please email


    • 14 Apr 2023
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5 rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris
    • 1

    Chrissie is eight and she has a secret: she has just killed a boy.  Twenty years later, adult Chrissie is a single mother, all she wants is for her daughter to have the childhood she herself was denied. People are looking for them, the past is catching up.

    Nancy Tucker’s chilling novel challenges the reader to ruminate the question  : who deserves punishment and who deserves empathy?

    ‘Gripping…The voices of Chrissie and Julia reside deep in your skull: visceral and wicked, sad and wonderful, all at the same time.’ The New York Times

    ‘Genèse du crime, culpabilité et rédemption, voilà les sillons explorés par le magnifique roman de Nancy Tucker.’ La Voix du Nord

    • 12 May 2023
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5 rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris
    • 12
    Kaouther Adimi’s award-winning novel charts the changing fortunes of a bookshop in Algiers.  In 1936, the young Edmond Charlot opens a modest bookshop.  In time, the bookshop is shuttered and transformed into a government library.  Decades later, it is to be closed forever and a young man is charged with emptying it of its books.  Mixing political drama, revolution and the independence of Algeria, Adimi takes the reader on a moving journey to celebrate books, bookshops and the power of a dream.

    ‘A Bookshop in Algiers reminds us that in literature, as in life, we belong to a place only temporarily - and we shape it according to our memories.’ Financial Times

    ‘Nos richesses" sonne comme une splendide déclaration d'amour à la littérature, seul trait d'union entre les époques et les êtres.’ Elle

    Registrations open 15 April 2023

Past events

10 Mar 2023 WM1001 Trio (Trio, Éditions Seuil), by William Boyd
10 Feb 2023 WF101 - The Siege (La Faim), by Helen Dunmore
13 Jan 2023 WJ131 - The Catcher in the Rye (L'Attrape-cœurs) by J.D. Salinger.
09 Dec 2022 WD091 Bilingual Book Group "Small Things Like These" (Ce genre de petites choses), by Claire Keegan
18 Nov 2022 WN181 Bilingual Book Group "The Hummingbird" (Le Colibri/Il Colibri), by Sandro Veronesi
14 Oct 2022 WO141 Bilingual Book Group "What's Left of Me Is Yours" (Ce qu'il me reste de toi), by Sephanie Scott (Meet the Author)
09 Sep 2022 WS91 Bilingual Book Group "The Promise" (La Promesse), by Damon Galgut
10 Jun 2022 WU101: Summer Light, and Then Comes The Night (Lumière d'été, puis vient la nuit / Sumarljós og svo kemur nóttin) by Jón Kalman Stefánsson
13 May 2022 WM111 Bilingual Book Group: Il treno dei Bambini (Le Train des enfants/The Children's Train) by Viola Ardone
08 Apr 2022 WA081 Bilingual Book Group: 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World (10 minutes et 38 secondes dans ce monde étrange) by Elif Shafak
11 Mar 2022 WM111 Bilingual Book Group: "Love After Love" - Ingrid Persaud (Meet the Author & Translator)
11 Feb 2022 WF111 Bilingual Book Group: Heart of Darkness (Au cœur des ténèbres) by Joseph Conrad
14 Jan 2022 WJ141 The Women of the Castle (Château de femmes) by Jessica Shattuck
10 Dec 2021 WD101 Here We Are (Le grand jeu) by Graham Swift
19 Nov 2021 WN051 Runaway (Fugitives) by Alice Munro (Group 2)
08 Oct 2021 W081 Bilingual Book Group : Frère d'âme (At Night All Blood is Black) by David Diop
10 Sep 2021 WS101 Bilingual Book Group : While Paris Slept (L'enfant du train) by Ruth Druart
11 Dec 2020 WD111 Bilingual Books: Where the Crawdads Sing (Là où chantent les écrevisses) by Delia Owens
03 Oct 2014 Book Group - "The Yellow Birds" by Kevin Powers
30 May 2014 Book club: "The Fifth Child" by Doris Lessing
25 Apr 2014 Bilingual Book Group - Dance of the Happy Shades by Alice Munro
04 Apr 2014 Bilingual Book Group: "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck
07 Mar 2014 Bilingual Book Group: "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
07 Feb 2014 WF007 Bilingual Book Group "A Member of the Wedding" by Carson McCullers
10 Jan 2014 WJ101 Bilingual Book Group - "Notre Dame du Nil" by Scholastique Mukasonga
13 Dec 2013 WD131 Bilingual Books - Julian Barnes - The Sense of an Ending
08 Nov 2013 WN081 - Bilingual Books - Françoise Hertier: Le Sel de la Vie
04 Oct 2013 WO041 - Bilingual Books - Kate Atkinson: Life after Life
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