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Creative Writing & Literature

About this course

WICE has long been a vital center for creative writing and literature study. We offer classes and workshops to hone your writing and editing skills, expand your knowledge of popular authors and genres, and explore Paris past and present through the well-crafted words of French and expat writers. Our focus includes:

  • Writing (prose, poetry, words and images)
  • Literature (French masters, Paris expats, Greek mythology)
  • The Migrant Soul (exploring international life through literature)

You’ll meet like-minded creative writers and readers and be guided and inspired by true lovers of the written word published authors, journalists, poets, and professors of literature.


    • 09 Jan 2021
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 01 May 2021
    • (UTC+02:00)
    • Available to Order


    Our WICE writing community has been hard at work!  For the first time since 2016, WICE's international literary magazine, Upstairs at Duroc, is now available for purchase. 


    Upstairs at Duroc, started in 1999 in the café space near our home office at metro Duroc in central Paris, is an English-language journal that publishes poetry and short prose pieces by new and established writers from the Paris area and around the world.  Hundreds of submissions are reviewed and edited by an editorial team at WICE, so that we may offer this journal to our members and friends.

    Due to public event restrictions in 2020, we are delighted to bring Issue 17 to order now without further delay.


    Your price is €12 (which includes shipping within France) or €15 (which includes international shipping).  


    • 15 Jan 2021
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 17 Jan 2021
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 3 sessions
    • Remote Online Zoom
    • 12

    This workshop is designed for writers who are well into a novel-in-progress, but want to work on problem passages, or develop a better feeling for how to shape and finish the overall project. Over three 2-hour sessions, Tim will use the participants’ own work to explore and discuss such topics as: - Finding and developing your story - Theme versus plot - Turning facts into fiction - Choosing and developing characters - What is voice and how to use it - How much history to tell in historical fiction - Writing dialogue - Settings: how they contribute to stories - Researching a story. A final hour will be spent on practical advice on the business aspects of writing. Hiring a publicist, tricks for using social media effectively, other promotional tools. Participants must submit a 10-page excerpt (double spaced in 12 point Times Roman font in pdf or docx format) which will be shared with the class. Excerpts may be from any part of the novel-in-progress. 

    This course will be held online only due to changes in current governmental guidelines for in person events. Details on joining the course via Zoom will be emailed to you before the start of the class. If you would like to test out your internet connection from a computer device before the start of the class you can click on the computer icon above or here.

    About the Instructor: Timothy Jay Smith developed a ceaseless wanderlust that has taken him around the world many times. En route he’s found the characters that people his work. He brings the same energy to his writing that he brought to a distinguished career, and as a result, has won top honors for his works in numerous competitions. Fire on the Island won the Gold Medal in the 2017 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition, and his screenplay adaptation was named Best Indie Script by WriteMovies. The Fourth Courier, published in 2019 by Arcade Publishing, has received glowing reviews. Previously, he won the Paris Prize for Fiction for his novel, A Vision of Angels. Kirkus Reviews called Cooper’s Promise “literary dynamite” and selected it as a Best Book of 2012. In addition, Tim was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and his play, How High the Moon, won the Stanley Drama Award. More information about Tim can be found at www.timothyjaysmith.com. (Timothy will be donating his workshop fee to the National New Play Network, which encourages emerging playwrights to tackle socially relevant issues.)

    • 20 Jan 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • Remote

    Join us for a free virtual talk with New York Times bestselling author Craig Carlson. 

    Craig first came to France as an exchange student in 1985 and instantly fell in love with the country, its language and especially its fine cuisine. Ironic then that some thirty-five years later Craig would wind up being the owner of two American diners in the City of Light and be nicknamed “Le Pancake Kid” by the French.

    In this lively talk, Craig will recount his adventures of being a small business owner in France, where its mind-numbing bureaucracy and complex labor laws nearly killed him.

    He will discuss his continued passion for French food, including how his mother-in-law (his Belle Maman) spoils him rotten with her delicious culinary creations.

    As for his literary adventures, Craig will delve into the reasons why he wrote Let Them Eat Pancakes, including the unexpected way he found an agent – and publisher – for his first book, Pancakes in Paris.

    Finally, faced with the challenge of all restaurants and cafes in France being ordered to shut down for the second time this year, Craig will share his hopes of overcoming the pandemic, the future of his restaurants and how the culinary industry in France may never be the same again.


    Photo credit: Stephane Cugnier

    • 22 Jan 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • Remote
    • 0
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    WICE Bilingual Book Group

    22 January 2021

    2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+02:00)

    Cost: Free for WICE members and €5 for guests

    Registrations Open December 21 2020

    John le Carré’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy explores the tensions of the Cold War and the impact of Britain's declining place in the world. It is a masterful work of overlapping timelines, brilliant character portraits mixed in with personal and professional betrayal.   

    No spy novel has captured England—or the human capacity for duplicity—like John le Carré’s hunt for the mole.’ The Atlantic

    ‘Le dictionnaire Oxford a crédité John le Carré de la paternité du mot "taupe" parmi de nombreux autres termes d'espionnage.’ Franceinfo.

    • 12 Feb 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • REMOTE on-line via Zoom
    • 0
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    WICE Bilingual Book Group

    12 FEB 2021

    2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+02:00)

    Damian Barr received a critics' ovation for his maiden novel, You Will Be Safe Here. Spanning South Africa's history from colonial brutality to post-apartheid turbulence, it is a tale of two mothers a century apart who are fighting for the fate of their sons. Each is unaware that their fates are intertwined -- a reminder of the legacy of crimes committed in the past.

    Damian Barr will be joining Bilingual Book Group by remote to talk about his work and the craft of fiction.

    ‘Lean, beautiful prose … It pulls you in, breaks your heart and then ultimately repairs it.’ Jojo Moyes, The Observer.

    ‘Where many novels run out of steam as they approach the end, You Will Be Safe Here grows more engaging with each chapter.’ The Irish Times.

    Registrations Open January 09 2020

    This course will resume online only, this is due to changes in current governmental guidelines for in person events. Details on joining the course via Zoom will be emailed to you before the start of the class. If you would like to test out your internet connection from a computer device before the start of the class you can click on the computer icon above or here.

    Photo Credit:
    Public Domain

    • 12 Mar 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • Remote
    • 12

    Bilingual Book Group

    12 MAR 2021

    2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+02:00)

    Cost: Free for WICE members and €5 for guests

    Registrations Open February 13 2020

    WM121 - Boquitas pintadas (Heartbreak Tango / Le plus beau tango du monde) by Manuel Puig  

    One of Manuel Puig’s most compelling novels, Boquitas Pintadas (Heartbreak Tango) plunges the reader into a world of intrigue, prejudice, betrayal and sexual jealousy.  Puig sets the tale in a small town on the pampas, providing him with a wonderful backdrop to explore social codes and play on the tensions between reality and appearances.

    Boquitas Pintadas has recently been reissued, giving a new generation the chance to enjoy the narrative skills and descriptive flair of this Argentine novelist and screenwriter. 


    Puig's early passion for the movies is evident both in his narrative style, which relies heavily on dialogue, and in the lives of his characters, where the glamorous and idealized world of films serves as a counterpoint to their own disappointments.’ Paris Review.

     ‘A brilliant, forceful, melancholic arabesque of a novel, the tone reminiscent of Bertolucci's freer moments.’ Kirkus Reviews

    • 09 Apr 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+02:00)
    • WICE, 10 rue Tiphaine, 75015 Paris: metro La Motte Piquet Grenelle
    • 12

    WICE Bilingual Book Group

    09 APR 2021

    2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+02:00)

    Vladimir Nabokov's portrayal of love as outrage and obsession was one of the most controversial novels of the 20th century. The story of the ageing Humbert Humbert's all-devouring, doomed passion for 12-year-old Dolores Haze is simultaneously repulsive and compelling. Writers such as Martin Amis and Brian Boyd have positioned Nabokov as one of the greatest writers of the century. Reading Lolita has been described as a dive into some of the finest writing ever committed to a page.

    ‘Lolita is more the shocking because it is both intensely lyrical and wildly funny ... a Medusa's head with trick paper snakes.’ Time

    ‘Lolita est une œuvre à part, qui suscite le malaise autant que la fascination, qui dérange autant qu'il séduit.’ France Inter.

    Registrations Open March 13 2020

    Photo Credit: Public Domain

    • 14 May 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+02:00)
    • WICE, 10 rue Tiphaine, 75015 Paris: metro La Motte Piquet Grenelle
    • 12

    WICE Bilingual Book Group

    14 MAY 2021

    2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+02:00)

    • 11 Jun 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+02:00)
    • WICE, 10 rue Tiphaine, 75015 Paris: metro La Motte Piquet Grenelle
    • 12

    Friday, 11 June 2021

    2:00pm - 3:30pm

    Cost: Free for WICE members and €5 for guests

    Registrations open Saturday 15 May

Past events

08 Jan 2021 WJ081 Bilingual Books: Middle England (Le Cœur de l'Angleterre) by Jonathan Coe (Remote)
12 Dec 2020 WD121 PitchCraft: Getting Published (Remote Online)
11 Dec 2020 WD111 Bilingual Books: Where the Crawdads Sing (Là où chantent les écrevisses) by Delia Owens
27 Nov 2020 WN271 Bilingual Books: A Gentleman in Moscow (Un gentleman à Moscou) by Amor Towles.
13 Nov 2020 WN201 Bilingual Books: Homegoing (No Home) by Yaa Gyasi (New Date)
05 Nov 2020 WN051 Fiction Writing: Openings and Next Steps (Remote)
09 Oct 2020 WO091 Bilingual Books: La porte des enfers (Hell’s Gate) by Laurent Gaudé
30 Sep 2020 WS301 Writing Poetry: Craft and Inspiration (Remote)
26 Sep 2020 WS261 Feature Writing Part II: At the keyboard and in the field (6 sessions)
17 Sep 2020 ES171 WICE Virtual Open House 2020
11 Sep 2020 WS111 Bilingual Books: All We Shall Know (Tout ce que nous allons savoir) by Donal Ryan (Remote Online)
12 Jul 2020 PWL121 Paris Writers Workshop Panel Discussion 3: Writing in the Time of Corona
11 Jul 2020 PWL056 Paris Writers Workshop Panel Discussion 1: Women Write/Women’s Rights
11 Jul 2020 PWL057 Paris Writers Workshop Panel Discussion 2: Cross-Culture or Cultural Appropriation
09 Jul 2020 PWL059 Agent Consultation
05 Jul 2020 PWL058 Writing Craft Talk: Writing the Child by Lauren Grodstein
05 Jul 2020 PWL051 Novel Writing Masterclass
05 Jul 2020 PWL053 Poetry Masterclass
05 Jul 2020 PWL055 Creative Non Fiction Masterclass
29 Jun 2020 WU291 Structuring the Novel
16 Jun 2020 WA141 Bilingual Books: The Châtelet Apprentice: The First Nicolas Le Floch Investigation (L'enigme des Blancs-Manteaux : Les enquêtes de Nicolas le Floch, n°1) - REMOTE
12 Jun 2020 WU171 Bilingual Books: David Young, Stasi Child (Thriller Genre Talk)
02 Jun 2020 WY121 Bilingual Books (Historical Book Series): Kamel Daoud, The Meursault Investigation - REMOTE
08 May 2020 WA171 Bilingual Books: Sándor Márai, Embers [Les Braises] - REMOTE
24 Apr 2020 WM131 Bilingual Books: Madeline Miller, Circe - REMOTE
26 Mar 2020 WO151 Bilingual Books: Alias Grace - REMOTE
07 Mar 2020 WM071 Feature Writing: At the Keyboard and In the Field (6 sessions - postponed)
14 Feb 2020 WF141 Bilingual Books: Tender is the Night (Tendre est la nuit)
11 Feb 2020 WN191 Bilingual Books: Suite Francaise (New date)
04 Feb 2020 WF041 The Tools of the Trade: Techniques in Novel Writing (6 sessions)
29 Jan 2020 AJ291 Career Boost: How to Get a Job in France
14 Jan 2020 WD171 Bilingual Books: The Châtelet Apprentice: The First Nicolas Le Floch Investigation (L'enigme des Blancs-Manteaux : Les enquêtes de Nicolas le Floch, n°1) (New Date)
10 Jan 2020 WJ101 Bilingual Books: Fernando Aramburu, Patria (Homeland)
13 Dec 2019 WD131 Bilingual Books: Les Liaisons dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) (New Date pending in June 2020)
15 Nov 2019 WN151 Bilingual Books: Notre-Dame du Nil (Our Lady of the Nile: A Novel)
07 Nov 2019 WN071 Writing Poetry: Craft and Inspiration (6 sessions)
23 Oct 2019 WO231 Novel Writing: Back to the Basics (4 sessions)
19 Oct 2019 WO191 Travel Journalism for Beginners (2 sessions)
11 Oct 2019 WO111 Bilingual Books: The Road Home (La route du retour)
28 Sep 2019 WS281 Writing Features for Fun and Profit (4 sessions)
13 Sep 2019 WS131 Bilingual Books: The Arab of the Future: A Childhood in the Middle East, (L'Arabe du futur) 1978-1984: A Graphic Memoir
30 Jun 2019 WU301 Literary Brunch
29 Jun 2019 WU291 PWW Panel Discussion: Navigating Today's Publishing World
28 Jun 2019 WU283 Writing Craft Talk: Settings Make Your Story
28 Jun 2019 WU282 Writing Craft Talks: The Alchemy of Writing, From Darkness to Light
28 Jun 2019 WU281 PWW Writing Weekend
14 Jun 2019 WU141 Bilingual Books: The Yacoubian Building (L'Immeuble Yacoubian) by Alaa Al Aswany
25 May 2019 WA131 Jamika Ajalon Presents: Take Back the Narrative (new date)
17 May 2019 WY171 Bilingual Books: Cutting for Stone (La porte des larmes) by Abraham Verghese
11 May 2019 WY111 Writing Features Part 2: At the Computer and In the Field (4 sessions)
07 May 2019 WY071 Writing Your First Novel: Autofiction (Fictional Autobiography) (6 sessions)
12 Apr 2019 WA121 Bilingual Books: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Qui a peur de Virginia Woolf) by Edward Albee
04 Apr 2019 WA041 Writing Poetry: Craft and Inspiration (6 sessions)
31 Mar 2019 WM311 Writing Their Hearts Out: Women Writers on Love, Loss and Recovery
15 Mar 2019 WM081 Bilingual books: Nutshell (Dans une coque de noix) by Ian McEwan
08 Feb 2019 WF081 Bilingual books: Eva Dorme (Eva Sleeps) by Francesca Melandri
05 Feb 2019 WF051 Writing Your First Novel
21 Jan 2019 WJ211 Writing Features for Publication
11 Jan 2019 WJ111 Bilingual books: D'après une histoire vraie (Based on a True Story) by Delphine de Vigan
10 Jan 2019 WJ101 Writing Poetry: Craft and Inspiration
14 Dec 2018 WD141 Bilingual books: Days Without End (Des jours sans fin) by Sebastian Barry
08 Dec 2018 WD081 Writing Features for Fun and Profit: A 2-Day Workshop
16 Nov 2018 WN161 Bilingual books: White Tears (Larmes blanches) by Hari Kunzru
06 Nov 2018 WN061 Your First Novel: Tools of the Trade
12 Oct 2018 WO121 Bilingual books: Never Let Me Go (Auprès de moi toujours) by Kazuo Ishiguro
04 Oct 2018 WO041 Writing Poetry - Craft and Inspiration
14 Sep 2018 WS141 Bilingual books: Indiana by George Sand
08 Jun 2018 WU081 Bilingual books: Édouard Louis, En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule (The End of Eddy)
18 May 2018 WY181 Bilingual books: Philip Roth, American Pastoral (Pastorale américaine)
13 Apr 2018 WA131 Bilingual books: Nancy Huston, Fault Lines (Lignes de faille)
05 Apr 2018 WA051 Writing Poetry - Craft and Inspiration
09 Mar 2018 WM091 Bilingual books: Jose Saramago, Blindness (L'aveuglement)
09 Feb 2018 WF091 Bilingual books: Richard Flanagan, The Narrow Road to the Deep North (La route étroite vers le nord lointain)
06 Feb 2018 WF061 Writing Your First Novel
22 Jan 2018 WJ221 Crafting the Short Story
12 Jan 2018 WJ121 Bilingual books: Stendhal, The Charterhouse of Parma (La Chartreuse de Parme)
08 Dec 2017 WD081 Bilingual books: Alecia McKenzie, Sweetheart (Trésor)
14 Nov 2017 WN141 Writing Your First Novel
10 Nov 2017 WN101 Bilingual books: Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend (L'amie prodigieuse)
13 Oct 2017 WO131 Bilingual books: Joseph Boyden, Through Black Spruce (Les Saisons de la solitude)
11 Oct 2017 WO111 Personal Essay/Memoir Workshop
02 Oct 2017 WO021 Crafting the Short Story
26 Sep 2017 WS261 Writing Poetry: Craft and Inspiration
15 Sep 2017 WS091 Bilingual books: Anne Enright, The Gathering (Retrouvailles)
02 Jul 2017 AL021 Paris Screenwriting Workshop (CANCELLED)
09 Jun 2017 EU091 Bilingual Books: L'Étranger by Albert Camus & Meursault, Contre Enquête (The Meursault Investigation) by Kamel Daoud
12 May 2017 EY121 Bilingual Book Group: "The Harder They Come" by T.C. Boyle
21 Apr 2017 EA211 Bilingual Book Group: "The Secret Ministry of Ag. & Fish: My Life in Churchill's School for Spies" by Noreen Riols
04 Apr 2017 WA041 Writing Your First Novel
10 Mar 2017 EM101 Bilingual Book group "The Vegetarian" by Han Kang
10 Feb 2017 EF101 Bilingual Book Group: "The Wound" ("Des Hommes") by Laurent Mauvignier
13 Jan 2017 EJ131 Bilingual Book Group - "Bel Ami" by Guy de Maupassant
09 Jan 2017 WJ091 Crafting the Short Story
02 Dec 2016 ED021 Bilingual Books: The Festival of Insignificance by Milan Kundera
04 Nov 2016 EN041 Bilingual Book Group: "The Universe of Stone" by Philip Ball
07 Oct 2016 EO071 Bilingual Book Group: "Us" by David Nicholls
05 Oct 2016 WO051 The First Seven Pages
03 Oct 2016 WS261 Paris Vignettes II
19 Sep 2016 WS191 Paris Vignettes
05 Sep 2016 WS051 Crafting the Short Story
05 Apr 2016 WA051 Writing Your First Novel
09 Mar 2016 WM091 The Craft of Memoir Writing
07 Mar 2016 WM073 Travel Blogging in Paris
07 Mar 2016 WM072 Paris Vignettes
07 Mar 2016 WM071 Shaping the Short Story
15 Oct 2015 WO151 The Migrant Soul
13 Oct 2015 WO131 The Language of Fiction
21 Sep 2015 WS211 Travel Blogging in Paris
21 Sep 2015 WS212 Paris Vignettes II
30 May 2015 WY301 Weekend Fiction Workshop
31 Mar 2015 WM311 How to Write a Novel Part II
09 Mar 2015 WM091 Paris Vignettes Part II: How to Capture Revealing Moments, Encounters and Events
05 Jan 2015 WJ052 Getting Published Part II
10 Nov 2014 WN102 Paris Vignettes: How to Capture Revealing Moments, Encounters and Events
10 Nov 2014 WN101 Flash Fiction
02 Oct 2014 WO021 How to Write a Novel
27 Sep 2014 ES271 Open House 2014
28 Jun 2014 PWU281 Literary Dinner
27 Jun 2014 PWU271 Literary Agent Consultation
25 Jun 2014 PWU251 "Getting Published: A Writer's Options" Experts' Panel
24 Jun 2014 PWU241 The Art of Novel Writing
24 Jun 2014 PWU242 The Art of Non-Fiction Writing
24 Jun 2014 PWU243 The Essentials of Screenplay Writing
24 Jun 2014 PWU244 The Art of Writing Novella and Short Story
11 Jun 2014 EU111 Issue 15 Launch - Upstairs at Duroc Celebration Reading
28 Apr 2014 WA281 Paris Vignettes Part II: How to Capture Revealing Moments, Encounters and Events
02 Apr 2014 WA021 The Art of Fiction Part III: Tools and Techniques Behind Good Writing
03 Mar 2014 WM031 Paris Vignettes: How to Capture Revealing Moments, Encounters and Events
08 Jan 2014 WJ081 The Art of Fiction Part II: Tools and Techniques Behind Good Writing
06 Jan 2014 WJ061 Flash Non-Fiction: Narrative, Voice & Imagery under 1,000 Words
25 Nov 2013 WN251 Creative Thinking to Write Outside the Lines
02 Oct 2013 WO021 The Art of Fiction Part I: Tools and Techniques Behind Good Writing
30 Sep 2013 WS302 Paris Vignettes: How to Capture Revealing Moments, Encounters and Events
30 Sep 2013 WS301 Write-In
28 Jun 2013 PWU282 Literary Parisian Gourmet Dinner - Summer Writing Course
26 Jun 2013 PWU261 Literary Walk
25 Jun 2013 PWU251 Individual Literary Agent Consultation
24 Jun 2013 PWU241 The Art of Novel Writing - FULL
24 Jun 2013 PWU242 The Art of Non-Fiction Writing
18 Apr 2013 WA181 Tips and Strategies for Effective Fiction Writing
18 Mar 2013 WM181 Paris Vignettes: How to Capture Revealing Moments, Encounters and Events
21 Jan 2013 WJ211 Getting Unstuck: Conquering Fear of the Blank Page
07 Jan 2013 WJ071 Write-In
13 Nov 2012 WN131 Flash Non-fiction: Narrative, Voice & Imagery under 1,000 Words
04 Oct 2012 WO041 Parisian Lives
01 Oct 2012 WO011 Write-In
11 Sep 2012 WS111 Writing : Give the Reader What He/She Wants (PART I)
29 Jun 2012 PWU291 Individual Literary Agent Consultation
28 Jun 2012 PWU282 PWW Afternoon Session—The Role of the Agent
28 Jun 2012 PWU281 PWW Afternoon Session—Welcome to the 21st Century: How to Use Blogs and Social Media
27 Jun 2012 PWU272 PWW Afternoon Session—The Wide World of Nonfiction: From Memoir to Food to Travel
27 Jun 2012 PWU271 PWW Afternoon Session—Literary Trends: Self-Publishing and E-Books
26 Jun 2012 PWU261 PWW Afternoon Session—Secrets of Getting Published
25 Jun 2012 PWU257 PWW Afternoon Session—How To Structure A Good Story: Beginnings, Middles, and Endings
25 Jun 2012 PWU256 PWW Afternoon Session—Tools of the Trade
25 Jun 2012 PWU251 Paris Writers' Workshop: Writing True—The Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction (FULL)
25 Jun 2012 PWU252 Paris Writers' Workshop: Novel (FULL)
25 Jun 2012 PWU253 Paris Writers' Workshop: Shaping the Poem—A Poetry Workshop
25 Jun 2012 PWU254 Paris Writers' Workshop: The Craft of Fiction (FULL)
25 Jun 2012 PWU255 Paris Writers' Workshop: Writing for Children and Young Adults
24 May 2012 WY241 Creativity: How to Spark It and Put It Into Words
15 Feb 2012 WF151 Writing With The Gods
14 Feb 2012 WF142 Raising The Stakes - An Advanced Prose Workshop
19 Jan 2012 WJ192 Seeing Paris Through Literature Part II
19 Jan 2012 WJ191 Tricks of the Trade
11 Jan 2012 WJ111 Writing with the Goddesses
15 Nov 2011 WN151 Writing the Migrant Soul
27 Sep 2011 WS271 Seeing Paris through Literature
02 May 2011 WY022 Journals and Letters
05 Apr 2011 WA051 Raising the Stakes in Your Stories
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