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Wine is an important part of the French way of life and we invite you to join us as WICE continues its lively wine tasting series, as we continue to change the way we see and feel and taste wine.

And in this our  40th year, we visit the beverages one of our neighbouring countries with an introduction to Belgian Beer.

 Our wine instructor, Hélène Goble, raised in a Bordeaux wine-making family, will welcome us into her home to share hand-selected wines, carefully selected food to enhance the sensory experience, and plain old French charm. 

The smelling and tasting process is very personal. We will refine our imaginative thinking and our ways of remembering the wine in a way that means something to us. But, if we get stuck, there will always be a metaphor so unique that it will stay in our memory for a long time. (“Think of a cigar factory burning down in an orchard of cherry trees.”). And, with those kinds of images, we will remember these wines for a very long time.

Space is very limited so please sign up early.

Upcoming Tasting Courses

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