At WICE, we've curated an enriching and diverse array of activities to help our members to live their best lives in Paris. Our programs are designed not only to facilitate learning and personal growth but also to foster a sense of community and connection among members. From the warm camaraderie of our Social Activities to the intellectual stimulation of our Literature courses to the diversity of our Language program, we strive to meet the diverse interests and needs of our community.

Whether you're looking to cultivate your creativity through our Creative Writing and Photography and Visual Arts classes, explore the rich culture and history of Paris with our Walks and Tours, or simply enjoy leisurely pursuits with our Hobbies and Leisure offerings, WICE has something for everyone. Our Technology program ensures that our members are well-equipped to navigate the digital world, reinforcing our commitment to adapt and thrive in the 21st century. These multifaceted programs are more than mere activities; they are opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and engage with the vibrant tapestry of life in Paris.

Join us at WICE and let us be part of your Parisian journey, enriching your experience with knowledge, companionship, and joy.

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