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Cooking (and other cool things)

About this Department

As WICE rebuilds itself following the COVID crisis and WICE's near collapse, this is our department for trying out new ideas . . . like cooking and knitting and walks.

Check in here from time to time to see what new and innovative course ideas we come up with.


    • 30 Mar 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Provided upon registration
    • 2

    Learn your way around a spice tin with Chef Anjali Pathak creating home-style Indian dishes in a fully immersive dining experience. Having grown up in the family that took Indian cuisine to the world (Patak's), Chef Anjali will teach you the secrets to spice cooking. Learn how to create a heart warming family style menu of Slow Roast Chicken with Smoked SpicesJewelled Coriander Cous Cous & Toasted Cumin Raita.

    Cancellation policy and other information

    • Course must be paid in full at time of registration.
    • Registration must include all contact details.
    • Cancellations must be received no later than three (3) days prior to the start of class. 
    • Cancellations received after that date will not receive a refund.

    About the Chef

    Anjali Pathak is a celebrated chef, food writer and cookery teacher. Having learnt the basics of Indian cookery from her family (Patak's), she trained as a professional chef in London before joining the well famed Jamie Oliver as a cookery teacher. She wrote a best selling cookbook 'Secrets from my Indian Family Kitchen' before packing her knives and her dreams for the shores of magical Mumbai. Following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of her family, Anjali created 'Flavour Diaries', an immersive dining concept that has sparked a new wave of dining experiences across India. She now lives in Paris and continues to go from strength to strength, regularly appearing on television across the world as an influential food entrepreneur and pioneer for food education.

    • 01 Apr 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Location Start: Pont du Garigliano – France Télévision (#13-white building) End: Bir Hakeim metro
    • 7

    Once a thriving industrial zone, little manufacturing remains. Nowadays, this area is still a port for pleasure cruise boats and is home to media companies. We will walk along the quayside, pop into the Parc André Citroën, visit one of France’s darker historical periods, and have an unexpected encounter with Lady Liberty.

    About the Instructor

    Deborah Hunter is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland with a background in museums and culture. She enjoys exploring new horizons and finding unexpected sights in familiar places.

Past events

26 Mar 2023 VF261 WINTER WALK - Storming around the Bastille: Discovering people and places of Paris’s working class
21 Mar 2023 XM2101 Basics of Indian cuisine with Chef Anjali Pathak
19 Mar 2023 VM261 WINTER WALK - Ladies of Luxembourg
18 Feb 2023 VF181 WINTER WALK - Another Side of Montparnasse: Denfert-Rochereau
01 Feb 2023 XF011 Learn to Knit
12 May 2022 AM121: Street Art: Paris Walking Tour
10 Feb 2022 L02101 French Tart Baking: Chocolate Caramel Tart
02 Dec 2021 VD021 Cognacq-Jay Museum: An 18th Century Exceptional Collection of Decorative Arts
08 Nov 2021 VN081 Théâtre des Champs-Élysées: A 20th Century Architectural Jewel
21 Oct 2021 VO211 Carnavalet Museum: The Highlights of Its Rich Collection
11 Sep 2021 Forum des Associations de Paris 15e
14 Jun 2021 AU141: Grand Central Station: A Rose Among Thorns
10 May 2021 LA271: The History of French Fashion
15 Apr 2021 AA151: European Synagogue Architecture: What makes it special?
18 Mar 2021 VM111: Women Artists and Their Art: The Contributions of Women in Art History Part 2
17 Mar 2021 WICE Talks: NPS Special Presentation -Yellowstone National Park, FREE for Members
25 Feb 2021 VF251: Representation of the Feminine Nude in Western Art: The Contributions of Women Artists in Art History Part 1
26 Jan 2021 VJ261 POST-WAR ARCHITECTURE in Paris and The Grand Projects
19 Jan 2021 VJ191 PARIS ARCHITECTURE: From Art Nouveau to Modern Art
05 Jan 2021 VJ051 Private Parisian Mansions: A Famous Element of French Heritage
15 Dec 2020 VD151 The Famous Cocottes and Courtesans of the 19th Century
20 Nov 2020 VN201 PARIS ART AND ARCHITECTURE (Online 4-part Series)
25 Oct 2020 LO251 French Cooking - Online Classes: Alisa Morov Chez Vous
20 Oct 2020 B0201 Walking French Language - Intermediate
15 Oct 2020 VO151 Walk: Luxembourg Garden and Its Surroundings
24 Sep 2020 VS241 Promenade Along Paris Bridges: Pont Neuf to Alexandre III Bridge
22 Sep 2020 LS151 Tarte à la figue - New Date!
20 Sep 2020 LG30 French Cooking - Online Classes: Alisa Morov Chez Vous
17 Sep 2020 ES171 WICE Virtual Open House 2020
07 Sep 2020 BS071 Walking French Language and Culture Lessons (5 part series - à la carte or bundled)
10 Jul 2020 LY101 French Cooking - Online Classes: Alisa Morov Chez Vous (4 part series - à la carte or bundled)
18 Mar 2020 LM181 Chocolate Master Class: Atelier 'Golden Egg'
28 Feb 2020 LF281 Lemon Meringue Tart / Tarte Citron
13 Feb 2020 LF131 Valentine Chocolates: Atelier Alchemie
12 Feb 2020 LF121 Blanquette de Veau & Foret Noire Triffle
22 Jan 2020 LJ221 Bistro Navarin d'Agneau & Carmelized Apple Crumb Cake
11 Dec 2019 LD111 Holiday Apéro - New Savory & Sweet Party Food
20 Nov 2019 LN201 Thanksgiving in Paris!
08 Nov 2019 LN081 French Tart Baking Class - Apple Tarts
23 Oct 2019 LO231 Cod Fillets with Spicy Chorizo & Tapendade, Peach Tart
08 Jul 2019 VL081 Marais Fashion Tour
29 May 2019 LY291 Thai Grilled Tuna & Chocolate Roulade Cake with Berries
10 Apr 2019 LA101 Indoor Moroccan Grilled Lamb, Apple Sorbet & Apple Beignets
13 Mar 2019 LM131 Hearty Hungarian Stew & Famous Gateau St-Honoré
20 Feb 2019 LF201 Gorgeous Poached Fish & Cafe Caramel Mousse
23 Jan 2019 LJ231 Merci, Monsieur Parmentier! In Praise of Potatoes
05 Dec 2018 LD051 Around the World Christmas Dinner (Cancelled)
03 Dec 2018 VD031 Walk: Picpus Cemetery and the Nation District: An Historical Walk in the 12th District
14 Nov 2018 LN141 Pumpkin Tagine and Red Wine Walnut Chocolate Cake
17 Oct 2018 LO171 Filet Mignon de Porc aux Abricots et Pruneaux and Gateau aux Poires
30 May 2018 VY301 Paris Walks: Franco-American Friendship Historic Trail - Right Bank
03 May 2018 VY031 Belleville and Menilmontant: another facet of Paris
11 Apr 2018 LA111 Paupiettes of Filet of Sole à la Normande & Babas au Rhum
07 Apr 2018 VA071 Paris Mosque and the Botanical Garden (Jardin des Plantes)
19 Mar 2018 VM191 Resistance and the Liberation of Paris
14 Mar 2018 LM142 Fricassee de Poulet en Feuilletage & Chocolate Mousse Cake
14 Feb 2018 LF141 French Store-Bought Doughs - How to Quickly Make Savory & Sweet Treats
24 Jan 2018 LJ241 French Classic Coq au Vin & Galette des Rois
13 Dec 2017 LD132 Scallops in Sabayon Sauce, Game Ragout & Wild Mushrooms, Chocolate Macaron Pine Cone
27 Nov 2017 VN271 The Montagne Sainte Geneviève and the History of the Universities and Colleges of Paris
15 Nov 2017 LN152 Stuffed Duck Legs, Potato/Turnip Galettes, Maxim's Famous Pears
09 Nov 2017 VN091 Parc de la Villette (Cancelled-Undersubscribed)
18 Oct 2017 LO181 Thai Curry Fish with Exotic Fruit Salad, Coeur à la Crême Dessert
04 Oct 2017 LO044 Market Tour & Tasting: Marché de Grenelle
03 Oct 2017 LO034 Culinary Nutrition Vinegar Workshop for Better Flavors, Textures and Health
09 May 2017 VY091 The Chaillot Hill and the Architecture of the 1930’s
27 Apr 2017 VA271 Art Nouveau Architecture in the 16th arrondissement
28 Nov 2016 VN282 African-American Paris, Josephine Baker and Edith Piaf
18 Oct 2016 VO182 The People's Paris: from La Republique to Buttes Chaumont
04 Oct 2016 VO041 The Villa Savoye and the Historic Downtown of Poissy
10 Jun 2016 VU101 Paris Walks - The Village of Montmartre
27 May 2016 VY271 Paris Walks - The Two Islands: Ile de la Cite and Ile St. Louis
04 Apr 2016 VA041 Paris Walks - Fashion and Historical Tour: Palais Royal - Les Halles - Le Marais
11 Mar 2016 VM111 Paris Walks: Discover the architecture of today in the centre of Paris
17 Nov 2015 VN171 Paris Walks - Theater District and the Arcades
06 Sep 2015 FULL The Mysteries of Van Gogh Unveiled at the Village of Auvers-sur-Oise - Day Trip
13 Jun 2015 VU131 Paris Walks - The Unknown, Exotic, & Esoteric 7th Arrondissement
26 May 2015 VY261 Paris Walks - Jefferson, Franklin & the American Founding Fathers
16 May 2015 VY161 Paris Walks - Buttes Chaumont Quartier
25 Mar 2015 VM251 Paris Walks - Jardin du Luxembourg and Surroundings
04 Mar 2015 VM041 Paris Walks - French Revolution on the Right Bank
14 Oct 2014 VO141 Paris Walks - The Jewish History of Paris
07 Oct 2014 VO071 Commemorative WWI Paris Walk - Suresnes Memorial
20 Sep 2014 VS201 Paris Walks - Art Nouveau in Paris
19 Jun 2014 VU191 Paris Walks - Père Lachaise Cemetery
29 Apr 2014 VA291 Paris Walks - Writers and Artists of the Left Bank
29 Mar 2014 VM291 Paris Walks - Paris in the Middle Ages
18 Mar 2014 VM181 Paris Walks - Theatre District and Arcades
18 Dec 2013 ! ONE SPACE OPEN ! LD181 French Christmas Cookies
04 Dec 2013 LD041 Discover French Cheeses ~ A Fromagerie Visit & Tasting
20 Nov 2013 LN202 ONE SPACE LEFT - AFTERNOON SESSION Poulet à la Moutarde, Céleri-Rave, Petits Soufflés au Chocolat
20 Nov 2013 LN201 ONE SPACE OPEN - MORNING SESSION: Poulet à la Moutarde, Céleri-Rave, Petits Soufflés au Chocolat
12 Nov 2013 VN121 Paris Walks - Resistance and the Liberation of Paris
05 Nov 2013 VN051 Paris Walks: Franco-American Friendship Historic Trail - Left Bank
19 Oct 2013 VO19 Paris Walks - Gallo-Roman Lutetia
16 Oct 2013 LO161 Market Walk rue Mouffetard
15 Oct 2013 VO151 Paris Walks: Franco-American Friendship Historic Trail - Right Bank
28 Jun 2013 PWU282 Literary Parisian Gourmet Dinner - Summer Writing Course
16 May 2013 EY161 - Bar à Vin by the Drip, Sip or Gulp
15 May 2013 LY151 Provencal Stuffed Zucchini & Wine Poached Pears
25 Apr 2013 EA251 - Hot Pot, Can't Stop... Part II
17 Apr 2013 LA172 Market Walk - African Marché Dejean
16 Apr 2013 LA161 Paris by Arrondissement - the 18th
10 Apr 2013 LA101 Vegetable Terrine, Savory Cake & Fruit Compote
27 Mar 2013 EM271 - Best Contemporary French Bistro in Paris
27 Feb 2013 EF271 - Best Italian Resto in Paris
13 Feb 2013 LF131 North African Tajine & Sweet Desserts (FULL)
06 Feb 2013 EF061 - Hot Pot, Can't Stop
30 Jan 2013 LJ301 Potée Auvergnate & Gâteau moelleux aux Bananes et aux Epices (FULL)
12 Dec 2012 LD121 Duck Breast and Confit de Canard
14 Nov 2012 LN141 Seasonal First Course Dishes & Gâteau Moelleux à l'Orange
06 Nov 2012 LN061 Paris by Arrondissement - the 14th
16 Oct 2012 LO161 Paris by arrondissement - the 13th
12 Oct 2012 LO101 Market Walk rue Montorgueil
25 Sep 2012 LS251 Paris by Arrondissement - the 9th
05 Jun 2012 LU051 Paris by Arrondissement - the 17th
30 May 2012 LY302 Market Walk rue du Faubourg St Denis
23 May 2012 LY231 Spring Vegetables & Tuiles des Dames
04 Apr 2012 LA041 Terrine Campagnarde & Charlotte aux Fraises
20 Mar 2012 LM201 Paris by Arrondissement - the 4th
14 Mar 2012 LM141 French Sausages & Lentils, Tarte au Citron
08 Feb 2012 LF081 Guinea Fowl Provençal & Cake a l'orange
07 Dec 2011 LD071 Holiday Dishes
16 Nov 2011 LN161 Classic Veal Stew & Far Breton dessert
19 Oct 2011 LO191 Chicken a la Normande & Apple Tart
27 Sep 2011 LS271 Paris by Arrondissement - the 2nd
07 Jun 2011 LU071 Paris by Arrondissement - the 1st
25 May 2011 LY251 A Market Walk of the Les Halles Area
17 May 2011 LY171 Paris by Arrondissement - the 5th
27 Apr 2011 LA271 Terrines for Summer Entertaining
26 Apr 2011 LA261 Paris by Arrondissement - the 19th
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