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Fall Languages classes are in session at new lower rates.

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Gain proficiency in French and English through classroom, online instruction and interactive guided discussions.


Cultural Studies

Join an intimate, small group at Parisian locales to get an immersive, experiential education from an expert in French art, history and culture.


Creative Writing

Put your story on the page and commune with fellow French and expat writers of all levels.


Living In France

Learn the secrets of Gallic lifestyle and master the French art of savoir vivre through wine tasting and cooking classes.


Visual Arts

Get inspired and learn practical techniques for drawing, painting, photography, graphic design and more.


Walks & Visits

Discover the hidden treasures that make Paris such a fascinating city to explore from an experienced English-speaking guide.

Where Internationals Connect In English

WICE is an international community based in Paris that provides members a wide array of learning and volunteer opportunities centered on art, culture, languages and writing.

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