WICE  has been a dynamic, all-volunteer organization for almost 50 years. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work and in providing a welcoming and satisfying environment for volunteers. Volunteers help facilitate our courses and activities, run the administration of the organisation, and help members make the most of the learning and social opportunities WICE has to offer. 


In addition to just the fun of meeting new people and helping run WICE, being a volunteer brings some specific benefits:

    • A reduction (or full waiver) of membership fees
    • A reduction (or full waiver) of course fees
    • Reserved spots in WICE courses, classes, workshop, and other activities.
    • Free admission into WICE's general monthly apéros
    • Invitations to all-expenses-paid, volunteer-only events (e.g., lunches, apéros)
    • The opportunity to develop marketable skills
    • The chance to fill resume or CV gaps with professional activities

Volunteer Categories

We have four general categories of volunteer:

    • Board of Directors Members
    • Department Heads
    • Department Members
    • Pop-up Volunteers 

Board of Directors Members

Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the membership each year at an annual meeting, which is usually held in mid-July. The Board of Directors is a working board, with each member expected to take on some small, additional volunteer task. Each member is expected to make a minimum commitment of two years, and each position requires 7 - 10 hours a week. Anyone desiring to be on the Board of Directors needs to be a WICE member, and should communicate their interest no later than 01 June.

WICE has an open position for a Managing Director. The Managing Director attends board meetings and works with the board to ensure that action items stay on track and that the short-term activities of WICE departments align with WICE's longer-term goals and objectives. The Managing Director is strictly a volunteer position. The position is not tied to Board of Director elections, and there are no minimum time commitments.

Department Head Volunteers

WICE has six departments: Membership, Programs, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Administration. Each of the six departments requires a leader, or Department Head.

Department Heads need to have some level of executive skill. They are expected to make a minimum commitment of at least one year, and each position requires 7 - 10 hours a week.

WICE currently has openings for:

  • Membership Director: Work with our marketing department, our programs department, and the membership team to ensure best practices for membership recruitment and retention are working.
  • Marketing Director: Oversee the marketing efforts of our marketing team made up of graphics artists, photographers, copy writers, social media jedis, and more.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact us at wice@wice-paris.org

Department Volunteers

Department volunteers work somewhere in a department, usually in relatively well-defined jobs.

For example, current open positions for department volunteers include:

  • Program Organizers. Conceive, create, and organize themed programs, such as literary readings, museum tours, and walks.
  • Social Activities Coordinator. Organize and coordinate our monthly social activities: morning coffees, lunches, evening apéros, etc.
  • Membership Administrator. Ensure WICE electronic membership records are current, complete, and accurate.
  • Assistant Newsletter Editor. Assist in publishing WICE's monthly newsletter, WICE Direct, by helping ensure consistency of content with other WICE publications and by ensuring publishing timelines are met.
  • IT Specialist. Assist in operating and managing one or more of WICE's information technology systems.
  • ChatGPT Prompt Specialist. Help keep current with 21st century technology by developing ChatGPT prompts to enable AI augmentation of the various departments.

We have a variety of department volunteer positions open at any given time. If you are interested in this sort of position, please contact us at wice@wice-paris.org.

Pop-up Volunteers

Pop-up volunteers may be called upon to help with the variety of unexpected or irregular situations that arise.

For example:

  • When we have an apéro, we might need someone to help collect tickets at the door.
  • When we have a pétanque game, we might need someone to help keep score.
  • When we set up a stand at an all-day marketing event, we might need someone to help man the table.

Pop-up volunteers are not expected to make any particular commitment, either in duration of the volunteer position or in terms of hours per week. These are strictly ad hoc assignments.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you are trying to develop a marketable skill, keep your resumé or CV free of gaps, or you simply want to meet new people and have fun in Paris, WICE's volunteer program has a place for everyone.

For more information on any sort of volunteer position, please contact wice@wice-paris.org.