SF151 Jewelry-Making: Y Moi? - POSTPONED

  • 15 Feb 2022
  • 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM
  • WICE, 10 rue Tiphaine, 75015 Paris - métro: La Motte Picquet - Grenelle
  • 7


  • WICE Members & Guests

The word pendant is derived from the French word "pendr" which translates as " to hang down". Any object that is suspended from a cord or chain is considered a pendant. Dating from 25,000 BC, pendants are amongst the oldest recorded bodily adornment.  Because they hang protectively close to the body and near the heart, pendants were thought to be imbued with mystical, spiritual and emotional properties. The earliest versions consisted mainly of amulets, talismans and religious symbols. The amulet was believed to possess magical or spiritual powers that protected the wearer from danger and evil. The talisman was thought to have supernatural traits that conveyed special powers  and benefits to the wearer. Through the ages that followed, lockets with their compartments designed for tokens of affection, war medals,  medallions and functional pendants largely replaced these. Pendant necklaces remain, to this day,  amongst the most versatile and popular necklace designs. Whether contemporary or vintage or a mixture of both, they are always chic and a great addition to any jewelry wardrobe.

In this fun, creative and convivial class, Allison Wiley will teach you how to make a Y necklace. You will learn how a simple and easy technique will allow you turn almost any bead into a pendant without application of a shank or the usage of any tools whatsoever. This knowledge will allow you to increase your design portfolio overall while also adding a touch of color, dimension and interest to even the simplest creations. 

Students can expect to: 

Receive all materials required for the creation of the project (including beads, a pendant of your choice and a clasp).

Learn and apply the 3T's: terminology, tooling and techniques

Learn new skills and reenforce existing ones 

Leave the class with a unique, distinctive necklace

Note: A beading board and a crimper tool are required for this course. Purchase suggestions for additional course materials are included with registration confirmation.

About the instructor:

An avid hobbiest turned jewelry artist, Allison Wiley studied jewelry design and creation at numerous prestigious institutions and with prominent practitioners in her native New York before moving to Paris 10 years ago. She has taught jewelry classes at various locations to the expat community, authored countless articles on art related topics for Expat Magazine, displayed her jewelry creations around Paris and continues to offer in-home private/semi-private/group classes, workshops and tours.

photo credit: Allison Wiley


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