AF111 A Thinking Persons's Guide to Better Movement

  • 11 Feb 2014
  • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • WICE office - 10 rue Tiphaine 75015 Paris
  • 12


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A Thinking Person’s Guide to Better Movement

Like many of our actions the ways we move can become overly habitual, leading to limitations, discomfort, even pain. This lecture introduces simple and effective ways to enhance communication between the body and the brain to help us learn, and re-learn, better posture, coordination, balance and movement, for our daily lives and specialist activities too. Based on the fundamentals of the Feldenkrais Method, we will also look at some of the relationships between our physical, emotional, and psychological lives and how improved movement and physical function can lead to greater choice and awareness in our actions and behavior also. Through these ideas we will come to explore how the brain’s innate capacity for learning can be surprisingly easy to access and refine: that through simple and subtle explorations of our movements and actions, we can not only improve our sense of movement and function, but also our ability and potential to learn, whatever age we may be.

About Sophie Dingemans

Sophie is a certified Feldenkrais Method practitioner, a movement re-education method designed to bring us back to our natural, harmonious, ways of functioning. Sophie works with a range of clients wishing to improve the way they feel and perform. See

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