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WICE offers French and English and Spanish classes plus French, English, and German guided discussions. Language courses are offered from October to June except during Christmas school holidays and official public holidays. WICE also offers a French Summer Immersion course in July. Planned for July 15 to 24 for beginners and intermediate learners.


Before enrolling for a language-learning course for the first time, please complete our online Placement Evaluation. It will collect your responses and display your final score sending a notice to Languages Dept. This evaluation will help you to choose the right course level. Should you have questions thereafter, or are unsure which course to take, please email us at languages@wice-paris.org.

English Placement Test

French Placement Test

  • Level 1: No or few notions of the language.
  • Level 2: Elementary knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, capable of making simple sentences with errors, hesitation and limited vocabulary.
  • Level 3: Capable of having a conversation on familiar topics and routine situations, with some errors. Ability to deal with simple, straightforward information.
  • Level 4: Capable of having a near fluent conversation on a wide range of topics. Strong vocabulary with few mistakes.

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