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WICE offers French language classes plus French and English guided discussion classes, film classes, and free conversation groups. Language courses are offered from September through June, except during Christmas holidays and official public holidays.

2022 Fall Trimester courses will be held on-line via Zoom as WICE reorganizes following the closing of our office location. Some classes may elect to meet from time to time in a café or other shared space.

For optimal personal attention and expression, core language classes (French 3 and 4) are limited to a maximum of 8 students, film and discussion groups to a maximum of 10.


Before enrolling for the first time in a language-learning course, you may want to complete our online Placement Evaluation. It will collect your responses and display your final score sending a notice to the Languages Department. While it is not required, this evaluation may help you choose the right course level. If you have questions thereafter, or are unsure which course to take, please email us at languages@wice-paris.org.

Currently WICE is offering core French classes for levels 3 and 4 only. (See below for criteria.) If you are interested in a lower level, please email us at the address above.

  • Level 3: Capable of having a conversation on familiar topics and routine situations, with some errors. Ability to deal with simple, straightforward information. B1
  • Level 4: Capable of having a more fluent conversation on a wide rante of topics. Strong vocabulary with few mistakes. B2-C1.
  • Film and Discussion courses: These classes offer an opportunity to practice your oral and language skills and to increase vocabulary in a stimulating, less formal context. To participate fully, an intermediate level is recommended.

English Placement Test

French Placement Test

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