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"It has been such a pleasure and an honor to teach creative writing courses at WICE. As an instructor, you also learn from students and, over the past five years, I’ve been impressed by the skills and stories of our workshop participants, who come from all over the world and have ranged in age from 18 to 72. Some have already published their work, and I’m looking forward to seeing more"

"The 2018 Paris Writers Workshop, where I taught the short story course, was an especially memorable experience. It was a week of sunshine, and we held the sessions in the delightful garden of the venue, writing outdoors the whole time. The participants produced brilliant stories, and nearly everyone has kept in touch"

Alecia McKenzie is a Jamaican writer currently based in France. Her first collection of short stories, Satellite City, and her novel Sweetheart have both won Commonwealth literary prizes. Sweetheart has been translated into French (Trésor) and was awarded the Prix Carbet des lycéens in 2017. Other books include Stories From Yard (first published in Italian translation as Racconti giamaicani), Doctor’s Orders and When the Rain Stopped in Natland. Alecia’s work has appeared in a range of literary magazines and in anthologies such as Stories from Blue Latitudes, The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories, Bridges, Global Tales, Girls Night In, and To Exist is to Resist. She has edited a collection of contemporary Jamaican short stories and was longlisted for the 2019 Sunday Times Audible Short Story Award. She’s also the co-editor of Where We Started: Stories of Living Between Worlds - an anthology that includes contributions from WICE colleagues and former students.

Learn more about Alecia and her work by visiting her website here

Dulcinea Evers, a young Jamaican artist who has reinvented herself in the USA as the flamboyant Cinea Verse, has died in unclear circumstances. But who was Dulcinea? Her friend, Cheryl, who is carrying her ashes back to New York from her Jamaican funeral, has one story, but the narratives of the other people in Dulci s life suggest that not even Cheryl s version is the whole one.
"Satellite City" is a collection of short stories set in Jamaica. Mckenzie represents a new generation of writers moving away from Jamaica's colonial times to themes of conflict between generations; sexual politics and gender expectations; class, wealth and poverty; language, politics and power, art and racial tensions. Mckenzie explores Caribbean history through relationsips and highlights the hypocrisies and evasions of Jamaican contemporary society.
In this collection of compelling short stories set in Jamaica and the United States, female characters struggle in a world filled with sexual violence, neglectful fathers, jealousy, lies, and prejudice. But in these diverse, subtly constructed stories, there is often a glimmer of hope as the women rely on their resilience, creativity, optimism, humor, and friendship to help them make their way. In these stories, gritty realism and irony are in constant tension with possibility and hope as a child overcomes her fear of roaches to get an education, a middle-aged woman Reggae singer finds happiness with a younger Brazilian lover, and estranged friends seek forgiveness.
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