“Every person can make a difference, and every person should try.”

– John F. Kennedy

WICE Board Members


Rick Jones - PRESIDENT

Rick Jones joined WICE soon after moving to Paris in July 2018. Prior to that, he spent 20 years as a U.S. Naval officer, and then 18 years in various leadership positions in information technology, knowledge management, and data science. He has a BA in mathematics and philosophy, an MS in information technology management, and a graduate certificate in applied statistics. He's also a beginning Go player, and an aspiring jazz flutist.


Jay van Wagenen - VICE PRESIDENT

Jay van Wagenen has been a full-time Paris resident since 2017. Before that she was founding partner and creative director of a boutique advertising agency specializing in direct marketing. Jay has been a member of WICE since 2018 and Co-Director then Director of WICE Languages since 2021. She attended Barnard College, majoring in American and English literature, and has a passionate interest in cinema, books, and fiberart.


Sherry Reckas - SECRETARY

Sherry Reckas is a long-time member of WICE. She was Co-Director of the French English Conversation groups for eight years, and volunteered in several committees, including the Executive and the Rules and Regulations Committees. Sherry was also a member of the Board of Directors for six years, two of which she served as secretary.


Annie Milgram - TREASURER

Annie Milgram, another longtime member, has served previously as the treasurer of WICE. She worked for many years in France's clothing industry. She enjoys hikes in the forest and appreciates the conviviality of WICE.


Ellen Feldman - BOARD MEMBER

Ellen Feldman lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts; she visits Paris 2-3 months every spring. She teaches the American Film Classics course at WICE, and holds a doctorate in cinema studies from New York University. Her passions include taking photographs in Paris streets and studying French. Ellen has been a member of WICE since 2014.



Mary-Jo Reef is a long-time member of WICE and the current Director of the French-English In-person Conversation groups. Before retiring to France, she was a professor of sociology at a state university. WICE was instrumental in her decision to retire to France, as many of her closest friendships originated through the WICE conversation groups.


Jan Titcombe - BOARD MEMBER

Prior to retiring to Paris with her husband, Jan spent many years working as a Corporate Library/Information Manager in a range of sectors including health, finance industry, engineering and ended her working career managing the office and library for a military organisation.

Jan joined WICE in March 2015 primarily for the small French classes. By the end of the year she had become part of the Board with roles as Operations Manager and Volunteers Director

She is back on the Board after a 4 year break.

When not constantly working to improve her French Jan, enjoys, cooking and trying different recipes, eating different food, travelling and meeting with people from diverse different cultures and backgrounds.