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Jane first heard about WICE from a friend in the summer of 2010, and reluctantly agreed to take a creative writing course with her that fall.  She said, “I remember saying to her, I will only be auditing this course, definitely not doing any homework.

Gretel Furner was my teacher and from the first hour, I was hooked.”  Jane had been an English Lit major at Finch College, class of '70, but had never taken a creative writing class.  She said “I loved to criticize other people's writing, mind you, but for me even writing a ten-page paper was torture.  I could never imagine a book, however, I loved Gretel's class so much that I left sunny Palm Beach, Florida, to return to Paris in January 2011 so that I could have another six weeks at WICE.

Her first book, Below Sea Levelwas published in 2013, when she was 65 years old, and it won the Illumination Book Award's Bronze medal.  This was followed by Sliding which won the Eric Hoffer Gold Medal Finalist Award for novels published in 2015.  Boulevard Beausejourwhich was co-authored with Anne Yelland, was published in 2017 and won the Book Excellence Award.  

My life has been greatly enriched by writing, and I owe it all to WICE and the wonderful Gretel Furner.  Because of these books, I received a lifetime achievement award from my college.  It meant a great deal to me to have my children there to hear the officials say I had graduated cum laude – I don't think they had ever believed me.  My stock with them has gone up considerably, and that is, again, thanks to WICE.”  

Jane’s most recent novel, Careless, was released in May 2019.

SLIDING is a touching and funny novel set in New York and Chicago in the mid-1980s. Friends since childhood, two attractive single women in their early thirties grapple with life’s problems and provide support for each other through visits and phone calls.
Boulevard Beausejour is a funny and touching novel of preconceptions and misconceptions with a serious undertone set in Paris and a Chateau in the Loire Valley.A successful thirty-something New York couple carry a sadness within them when they move to France. Alice has been recruited to take up a position as resident philosopher in an international Think Tank and Andy assumes a new role as her trailing spouse. Individually and together they encounter new circumstances, new people and new challenges. Love and romance; family and friendship; drinking and gambling run through Boulevard Beausejour.
Charlotte Darling, principal dancer for New York City Ballet, is not as young as she once was, but a childhood memory of Margot Fonteyn keeps her going long after other dancers might have retired. Like all athletes, she has iron self-discipline as well as some injuries, which require a certain amount of pain management.
With compassion and insight, Jane Foster examines how a perfectly happy family is pulled apart, not by the challenge of raising a young family far away from home, but by alcoholism. Leaving her husband in Tokyo and escaping back home to New Orleans with her children, thinking there is no other way but out, old friends show Lila that there is still hope if only she can learn to pray. Because when human strength is not enough, turning to God can make all the difference, as we find out in this touching account of one family's journey back to happiness.
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