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LO271 Introduction to Belgian Beer

  • 27 Oct 2018
  • 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Private apartment, 75006 Paris: metro St Michel / Odéon
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Belgian Beer by Neil T is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0WICE is 40 years young, and always evolving. This class is being offered as a part of our 40th Anniversary Year celebrations, and is intended to reflect the growing popularity of beer, globally and locally.

Though traditionally a country focused on wine, France has a growing fascination with craft beer. And their neighbor to the north, Belgium, is in many ways the originator of craft beer. Whether you just want a better understanding of some of the world's most popular and polarizing beer, or are planning a trip to Belgium to attend one of their many beer festivals and want to be prepared, this afternoon will be packed full of useful information and tantalizing beers.

This introduction to Belgian beer will cover:

  • The main styles of Belgian beers and their characteristics.
  • The difference between ales and lagers, and which category Belgian beers fall into.
  • The difference between Trappist beers and Abbey beers.
  • The differences between Walloon and Flemish beers of the same styles.
  • What you should expect to find "on tap" at most Belgian bars.
  • How beer is made.
  • The proper glass, and proper way to pour Belgian beer.
  • The Belgian Beer festivals, shops and bars worth visiting.
  • Last but not least: where to find your favorite Belgian beers here in Paris (Bars and shops).

The tasting will span the full spectrum of flavors that Belgian beer has to offer. From bitter to sour, sharp to sweet, Belgian brewers make a beer for everyone - even many people who say "I don't like beer." Join us in exploring Belgian beer together, in a casual setting.  Prepare to be surprised by all the diverse flavors! Heavy hors d'oeuvres representing typical Belgian pub food will be served.

About your guide: Amanda has a unique passion and insight into what makes Belgian beer so intriguing. She lived in Belgium for five years where she sought out beer shops and pubs, increasing her knowledge of beers, and attended several beer events a year, including Belgium's largest beer festival.

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