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A Poem for Women's Day

07 Mar 2019 8:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

An ode to my pride

by Vaishali Somasundaram 

You are strong. You are intelligent. 

You are the power house that people need. 

You are the wind beneath your family’s wings

You are a mother. You are a daughter. You are a wife. 

You are all of that and more.

Then, why do you stoop sometimes so low? 

You make every battle, your war

Every challenge your game.

Every Dream, your dream.

Every effort, your effort. 

Why do you feel the need to be so? 

Be that woman who says a kind word when someone is facing challenges. 

Stop. Don’t say I went through worse. This is not a competition. 

Be that woman who is able to appreciate another woman’s efforts. 

Stop. Don’t envy her hard work. You had your day and this is hers. This is not a competition. 

Be that woman who is able to stop rumours being spread about another. 

You don’t know the truth. Neither does the hater who is spreading it. 

Be that woman who is there for that girl trying to beat all odds to shed a few pounds. Looking good is as important to her as it is to you. 

Be that woman who appreciates the thoughtfulness that goes into her actions. She is seeking love and that is her way to express. 

Be that woman who keeps quiet when another is saying something inadvertently wrong. Call her aside and tell her in confidence. Don’t use this opportunity to showcase your knowledge. This is not a competition. 

Be that woman who is able to walk away when another continues to cause you harm. You don’t need her anymore. Move away.

Be that woman who gently reminds another of your capabilities, when all they seem to remember are your flaws. 

Be that woman who cherishes and remembers the good deeds that other women have done. They didn’t have to, but they did. 

Be that woman, who is able to look in the mirror and say, ”Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the kindest of them all?” 

Be that woman who can happily accept to see another face other than your own. 

Your life. Your story. Be that woman who takes charge of your own narrative. 

Happy International Women’s day dear ladies!!

Vaishali is a volunteer in the Tech department of WICE and a published writer. For more information on WICE's creative writing workshop courses click here

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