This new WICE book group, the Bookers, picks from a treasure trove of international great books, winners in different categories, but each acting as a bridge to connect us to universal threads of humanity, empathy and understanding to celebrate the rich tapestry of global literature.

From this diversity of authors from every corner of the globe, one book will be chosen every month, as a passport to different cultures.

This group gathers on the 2nd Thursday of each month between 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm. Join us as we delve into wisdom, imagination and human experience throughout time and place.

A list of the next candidate novels is listed below.

This list is by no means exhaustive or exclusive, and any other novel that meets the criteria is open for inclusion. A longer list of books being considered will be added. 

Note: Our book reading groups are among the most popular activities in WICE, and available seats get taken quickly, so we will reserve two seats each month in this group for anyone new who would like to join.

If you would like more information or if you have questions, please email: